Points of Interest

A stunning setting ...

The site is situated on the outskirts of Tunxdorf, an old historic farming village that. Around 1000 AD has emerged as Lehnhof.

Others in the area:

· 150 m - This Tunxdorfer Waldsee in the dikes of the 60s resulting quarry is a sandy beach is a popular destination for swimming and sunbathing


· 5 km - Aschendorf
The former district town in historic Altenkamp constantly changing art and cultural exhibitions, as well as many shops and restaurants.

· 8 km - Rhede
In roadstead, an equally historic village beyond the Ems, there are next to a farm museum, a game farm.

· 8 km - Meyer Werft

This well-known beyond the region shipyard builds sometimes the largest passenger ships in the world. Several times a year transfers of huge luxury liner through the small Ems be admired. Daily tours are offered to visit the shipyard.

· ca. 10 km – Papenburg


The old Fehnkolonie has advanced to the center of the northern Emsland. In addition to the shopping area on the main canal channel city offers many other attractions such as:

- By-Velen plant
- Term memory
- Sterneland (indoor playground)
- Cinema
- A range of clubs and
- Cozy pubs for meals

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